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Atremedes down!

Drackith, Jan 15, 11 12:51 AM.
Atramedes down thanks to Bremm and that other guy "Drackith"
Attorney at Law is a law themed guild looking to start getting members for Cataclysm ten man raiding. We led many pug raids during Wrath, and have decided to make a full fledged guild of our own. We're a group of friends who have been playing WoW together for over four years and we have a good deal of raid experience between us. Our goal is to make a guild that raids seriously and doesn't waste time, but still has fun. There's a fine line between being serious and being too serious or not serious enough, but we're going to try and walk it. Basically, have fun, kick ass and be excellent to each other. We're looking for people that enjoy raiding and understand that WoW is just a game. However, we also want them to be reliable and know what they're doing (or ask if they don't). While WoW is just a game, no one has fun when their time is being wasted by wipes that are easily avoided.
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